About hoodflo

We Are Committed To The Highest Standard Of Service

Alec House

Founder and Managing Partner

Alec’s career in service and hospitality started over 30 years ago working in restaurant kitchens and on food service crews. Spending countless hours behind the scenes of successful restaurants and hotels taught him that more than anything; a customer remembers outstanding service delivered with a smile.

From his humble beginnings, Alec went on to found and become the CEO of a $50 million San Diego hospitality company he grew from the ground up: ARES Travel, Inc. During his successful journey with ARES, he discovered that great companies are built with great people. After his time with ARES, Alec applied the same formula to the restaurant he and his wife founded: Supannee House of Thai in Pt. Loma.

As a restaurateur, Alec’s kitchen work ethic and approach to cleanliness are summed up in his oft-stated slogan: “If you have time to lean you have time to clean.” Alec demands that his own restaurant maintain the highest standard of safety and cleanliness.

Alec’s daily duties with HoodFlo include overseeing company strategy, marketing and administration. In his spare time you might find Alec bodysurfing San Diego’s beaches.

Brent Sandage

Founder and Technical Support


Brent's deep background in the design of fire suppression systems makes him uniquely qualified to render technical advice when fire safety questions arise related to hood exhaust systems. Brent knows better than anyone the importance of maintaining a clean and safe hood exhaust system and has proven to be a valuable asset to the HoodFlo team and its customers. Brent is also the General Manager of Supannee House of Thai restaurant which further enhances his experience with commercial kitchen operations and safety.

Sterling Endsley

Director of Operations and Sales

Sterling enjoyed a long, successful career serving San Diego’s hospitality industry through the production and distribution of regional maps that feature local restaurants and businesses. His experience selling ad space on his maps, which often was to restaurants, provided the perfect background and segway into selling HoodFlo’s restaurant hood exhaust cleaning services.

Customers calling HoodFlo will most likely speak with Sterling first. Sterling is adept at quickly assessing each customer’s unique needs and issues and then recommending the correct and affordable service they need most. Sterling also manages each HoodFlo account. His attentive, honest, no-nonsense style ensures your complete satisfaction.

Jose' Munoz

Crew Management


Jose' is a Navy veteran and local San Diegan with a long history working in restaurants and managing people. He's in charge of keeping our cleaning crews operating safely and efficiently. With over five years of restaurant hood exhaust cleaning and crew management experience, Jose' is an invaluable asset to HoodFlo's experienced team.

Marilyn Bayzid

Scheduling and Administration


Marilyn Bayzid is a native San Diegan, a graduate of USD and has a Master's degree in education from SDSU. To HoodFlo and its customers, she brings a lifetime's worth of experience teaching, operating a retail store, non-profit work related to homelessness along with office management and bookkeeping experience in the construction industry. She helps keep HoodFlo running smooth and efficiently by maintaining the cleaning schedule and notifying customers when they are due for service.