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In the Kitchen
  1. Why do I need to clean my restaurant hood exhaust system?

  2. Answer: To remove accumulated fuel (grease deposits) and prevent spontaneous combustion and fire in your hood exhaust system. This includes cleaning the hood, filters, plenum, ducts and fans (entire system).

  3. What does your restaurant hood exhaust system cleaning include?

  4. Answer: We clean to bare metal your hood, filters, plenum (area behind filters), ducts, fans, grease trays and access panels. All areas of your hood exhaust system where grease accumulates will be cleaned by trained technicians. Before and after pics will be provided.

  5. Why can’t my employees clean my kitchen’s hood exhaust system?

  6. Answer: Restaurant hood exhaust system cleaning requires special tools, equipment and expertise to properly and thoroughly clean the hard-to-access systems. Trained technicians also know how to work safely in your kitchen’s grease-laden environment. NFPA 96 states that “the entire exhaust system shall be cleaned by a properly trained, qualified and certified company or persons.” Local codes often require a trained and certified company.

  7. How often do I need to clean my kitchen’s hood exhaust system?

  8. Answer: Each local municipality has a fire code to guide maintenance of your hood exhaust system. Municipalities often refer to NFPA 96 Guidelines (National Fire Protection Association) for their own requirements.

    The NFPA 96, 2011 Standard—Table 11.4 recommendations are:

    Solid Fuel (wood, charcoal) Monthly
    High-volume, 24 hours ops. Quarterly
    Moderate volume Semi-annually
    Low-volume (camps, churches) Annually